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Our team and approach


offer people with various addictions and their families a space of understanding and appreciation. Help to break through the pressure of addiction and its dynamics.


Financially supported by the statutory health insurance companies in Bavaria.


All addictions are preceded by a basic emotional behavior.


We usually find seven basic emotions.

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get on der 

level on which they are emotionally right now.

Selbsthilfegruppen, Nürnberg, Suchtprobleme Alkohol Hilfe, Betroffene Angehörige

Supported by the Guttempler Landesverband Bayern-Thüringen as a project of forward-looking forms of addiction and self-help, we are able to offer you help in many ways to become abstinent from substance-related addictions. 


You have the opportunity to join existing self-help groups but also to set up your own group for those affected and their relatives,

We receive financial support from the statutory health insurance companies in Bavaria.

Team Impuls
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