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Get out of anonymity   and isolation! We advise, help and support, establish contacts with clinics and organizations. In our self-help groups, they can exchange ideas about their fears, feelings, physical symptoms and draw strength without being stigmatized in communities of destiny.


This helplessness, being overwhelmed by the situation when a person consumes in the immediate vicinity, is very stressful. Aggression, psychological instability and criminal behavior are often products of drug and alcohol consumption. You are not alone. We support them as relatives as well as the affected consumers.


alcoholic drug addicts

Through emotional challenges you really get to know yourself, grow with them and can better

estimate. So-called mistakes and setbacks are not failures. They are life and are part of the further development of personality. We grow with every challenge and gain more experience. Through our discussions and groups, they learn to reflect, develop more self-competence, get to know their limits and emotions better and gain more and more sovereignty and can avoid relapses.

Finanziell gefördert von den gesetzlichen Krankenkassen und  
deren Verbände in Bayern. 

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