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The origin of our association lies in the Guttempler community in Nuremberg, which was founded in 1975.

The Good Templars are an international organization that advocates abstinence from alcohol and mind-altering drugs, as well as solidarity and peace. Wikipidia


Two Guttempler from Neumünster, who moved their center of life to Nuremberg in 1972 for professional reasons, gave the impetus for the realization. Since there was only one community in Munich, the idea of getting something going in Nuremberg grew. The realization succeeded through various coincidences, contacts to the health department and advice centers, the Salvation Army, the city of Nuremberg and many individual people involved.

In the beginning we met in private rooms, in a former laundry, etc., today our premises are in Pillenreuther Str. 46. In the meantime, several Guttempler communities use the location and the state association has set up an office there.

Über uns

Self-help groups, alcoholics, drug addicts, relatives



The Guttempler are committed to a world in which people can develop in a self-determined and responsible manner and live healthily. Alcohol and other drugs hinder personal development.

Our association has been pursuing this goal since it was founded in 1851 with the ideals of abstinence, brotherhood and peace. She is a member of MOVENDI International, the leading global network for development through alcohol prevention (former name: IOGT International). In this network, the members treat each other with respect and acceptance and work for peace between all people.

Frau im Sonnenuntergang
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